Tiger Tiger


This was a music video project I made of one of my favorite tracks named “Tiger Tiger” by the iconic British band Duran Duran off of their 1983 album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger. The band was well known in the early 80s as pioneers of music videos, for which they won a couple of Grammy Awards and received an MTV Lifetime Achievement Award for their efforts.

This particular track is the only instrumental off of Seven and the Ragged Tiger and always struck me as one of the more evocative and atmospheric pieces they ever produced. It was always a shame that they never made, much less released, a video for it.

To wit, the video I made.

It was pulled together from various video snippets, test real footage, and “found” video from the web. Combined with a few of my own composed images and assembled into a video with FinalCut Pro and shared with other fans of Duran Duran on YouTube in the fall of 2011.

One thought on “Tiger Tiger

  1. Hey, what you make in this video is great. Face B of the 33rpm, last song if I remember. The original plate is in my garage and this last song of this album is out of dust seing the kind of times I must listen it! Great time of my 80’s, and very great video of you! Kind regards from Belgium.


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