Her Name is Rio

Still trying to get back into my normal groove after taking the week off to attend the 2018 Star Trek Las Vegas convention at the Rio hotel. Yes, that’s the name of one of my favorite albums, but unfortunately I didn’t hear any Duran Duran songs while there.

There was of course a whirlwind of things that were seen and experienced at the convention and it was a great trip. I would also be remiss to not thank my better half for indulging me my geekdom and going with me on the trip (though she was poolside and people watching and not actually going to the convention itself).

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Door Jam

While I have not updated my blog in the past two months, it’s not because I have not been working on a bunch of things in the digital 3D realm for the Enterprise drawings from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP). I have simply been spending a lot of time doing a deep dive on the travel pod doors to reverse engineer the docking port at the back of the Enterprise Bridge deck. That in turn will inform the Bridge/2-3 Deck superstructure.

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Plans to Elevate the Lounge

I finally finished the digital reconstruction of the second production sketch from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP) I recently acquired by Andrew Probert. It is the basic “final version” plan and elevation sketch of the Officer’s Lounge that was the basis for making the SFX miniature, and was intended as live-action set as well. I have both the new digitally redrawn version and the high-resolution scans up of the original posted and now sharing them.

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