James Bond “Gun Barrel” image with the February 1969 issue of Playboy Magazine in the middle. (Image: Third Wave Design)


A couple of weeks ago, I made an impulse purchase on eBay. I can’t recall exactly how, but the topic of old-school Playboy centerfold photography came up in a thread online regarding a specific 60s photoshoot. And it made me think to look up what issue of Playboy James Bond was perusing in the safe-cracking scene in what I consider the best Bond film in the series, 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

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January 30 blog post header.

V’ger Seeks the Information

Last week I received another batch of production drawings for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP) that I won at auction. These were various “blueprint” illustrations and design sketches made by Apogee, one of the special effects companies that worked on the film. Among other things they were responsible for building and filming the miniature of V’ger. This was from the same seller I had come across on eBay earlier this month, and luckily my bid won again.

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Apogee Inc. and V'ger

V’ger Is That Which Seeks The Creator…

Yesterday evening Christmas came either late (or early). Some production drawings for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP) that I purchased arrived. These were various “blueprint” illustrations, a page of storyboards and design sketches made by Apogee, one of the special effects companies that worked on the film, for building and filming the miniature of V’ger. I had come across them being for sale on eBay last week and luckily my bid won it.

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New Recreational Graphics

It has been quite some time since I have done any work on my long-running Enterprise-refit project. This was mostly due to my shifting onto another of my hobbies, the old-school fantasy RPG called Hârn, which I have collected since 1983. Earlier this year we decided to move the home office from one room in the house to another. Having move boxes and boxes of printed material collected in numerous 3-ring binders and such, prompted me to begin to digitize it all so I could move all the Hârn material into storage. Needless to say the boxes I opened when moving turned out to be more of a Pandora’s box, in that I began converting it all into a fully interlinked wiki called Hârnica. So I have spent pretty much the last year doing that. I am still only about a 1/3rd of the way through it all and it has evolved into another of my “eternal hobbies”.

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