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V’ger Seeks the Information

Last week I received another batch of production drawings for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP) that I won at auction. These were various “blueprint” illustrations and design sketches made by Apogee, one of the special effects companies that worked on the film. Among other things they were responsible for building and filming the miniature of V’ger. This was from the same seller I had come across on eBay earlier this month, and luckily my bid won again.

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Apogee Inc. and V'ger

V’ger Is That Which Seeks The Creator…

Yesterday evening Christmas came either late (or early). Some production drawings for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP) that I purchased arrived. These were various “blueprint” illustrations, a page of storyboards and design sketches made by Apogee, one of the special effects companies that worked on the film, for building and filming the miniature of V’ger. I had come across them being for sale on eBay last week and luckily my bid won it.

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Door Jam

While I have not updated my blog in the past two months, it’s not because I have not been working on a bunch of things in the digital 3D realm for the Enterprise drawings from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP). I have simply been spending a lot of time doing a deep dive on the travel pod doors to reverse engineer the docking port at the back of the Enterprise Bridge deck. That in turn will inform the Bridge/2-3 Deck superstructure.

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Plans to Elevate the Lounge

I finally finished the digital reconstruction of the second production sketch from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP) I recently acquired by Andrew Probert. It is the basic “final version” plan and elevation sketch of the Officer’s Lounge that was the basis for making the SFX miniature, and was intended as live-action set as well. I have both the new digitally redrawn version and the high-resolution scans up of the original posted and now sharing them.

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Lounging Around the Set

I finally unpacked the original movie “blueprint” production drawings I won at auction back at the end of April and began photographing them. These were construction plans produced for both Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP) and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (ST:TWK) from which the live-action sets where constructed from. In addition there were two drawings produced by Robert Abel & Associates, for Magicam to work from in order to build the original U.S.S. Enterprise filming model.

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