You have been ID’ed

Last night I had a breakthrough on some of the detailing for the workbee. While doing some online searching at some model hobby shop websites which have some decent background information on model kits, some including photos of the kits sprue tree. One of the sites had a section on “sci-fi” kits section. Curious as to what they had on them clicked on it and it had lumped in model kits of actual space hardware, such as the NASA rockets listed on that page.

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Her Name is Rio

Still trying to get back into my normal groove after taking the week off to attend the 2018 Star Trek Las Vegas convention at the Rio hotel. Yes, that’s the name of one of my favorite albums, but unfortunately I didn’t hear any Duran Duran songs while there.

There was of course a whirlwind of things that were seen and experienced at the convention and it was a great trip. I would also be remiss to not thank my better half for indulging me my geekdom and going with me on the trip (though she was poolside and people watching and not actually going to the convention itself).

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