On the Casing

I made a little bit of headway on the turboshaft component blueprints for the Enterprise-refit recreation deck from Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP). This is a set of 2D blueprints I have created from a portion of the 3D model I have been working the past month or two, based on the actual set blueprints I managed to get a decent image of awhile back.

3D model Recreation Deck front elevation work-in-progress. (Image: Third Wave Design)
3D model Recreation Deck front elevation work-in-progress. (Image: Third Wave Design)

This has taken a little bit of time due to further refining the format and styling for the 2D blueprints, which I have been creating and refining the past year or two. This is also in tandem with a somewhat dormant parallel online project I started a couple of years ago (when I started down this rabbit hole). That being an online wiki database for all the the in-universe “Federation” objects and designs called Starfleet Logistics.

The wiki is envisioned as a repository for archiving blueprints and reference materials for the props, vehicles, etc. that appear in the Star Trek canon. This is formatted and themed as an in-universe “Federation” database and a few years ago, I worked out a supply code system, based in part on the real-world NATO Stock Number system used by the NATO and the United States Department of Defense.

Down the road, I hope to have that be the long-term repository for all the work product of my Star Trek crafting, film-production memorabilia, etc. as well as a place to archival of the reference and source material for Star Trek props, production drawings, etc.

The set of drawings I completed this evening is the turbolift shaft casing panel which are part of the two turbolift shafts which appear at one end of the Recreation Deck of the Enterprise as seen in TMP.

Below is the PDF file of the drawings (FSN 3965-001-000-2141):

There are four other components that I will be doing drawings of for the turbolift shafts; a collar ring, side brackets, and the light panel inserts (which fit into the openings on this panel I have completed the drawings for.

I intended to do similar drawings for all the other components as well as the Recreation Deck itself as if they are real, in-universe objects, as well as assembly drawings for them. This is of course in addition to that doing the force-perspective adaptations of this in order to produce a 3D printable set of files, to then have a hyper accurate detailing part for my 1:350 scale Enterprise model.

If it all goes as envisioned, I will also make the 3D part available to other models for purchase/3D printing. But that is quite a ways down the road. My more immediate next step is photographing and scanning a new tranche of original Apogee production drawings that were created for making the V’ger filming miniature for TMP back in 1979 and posting them like I did the first tranche of drawings.

I will then circle back and finish up the Recreation Deck 3D modeling, and the 2D blueprints of all the various parts.

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