Paul Olsen – Project Enterprise

movie Just finished reading Paul Olsen’s eBook Creating the Enterprise which is an interesting read, though far more biography than anything else. It uses that as a larger framing story and run-up to how Mr. Olsen came to work at Magicam, Douglas Trumbull’s effects studio (who built the and filmed the Enterprise, and most of the other spaceship effects shots for the movie) as well as working on the V’ger cloud effects.

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Thinner Acetates

After a couple of evenings experimenting with printed acetates, cutting, folding them, etc. yielded some promising results and some problematic issues in the approach.

First, with the new magnifying head visor which finally arrived, I can now easily have both hands free to cut, and hold acetate while having high-powered magnification. This has been a true relief in trying to work with pieces at this small scale.

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More Website Tweaking

Did some more customization and format tweaking for the website this evening. I think I have it close enough to be a useable space now. Where at least it won’t offend me visually, but still be useable in the near-term without investing too much more time right away. The things I want to fix and alter now are more long-term “down the road” stuff.

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