More Website Tweaking

Did some more customization and format tweaking for the website this evening. I think I have it close enough to be a useable space now. Where at least it won’t offend me visually, but still be useable in the near-term without investing too much more time right away. The things I want to fix and alter now are more long-term “down the road” stuff.

workspace-01There is still some areas with temporary placeholder content and copy. Mainly sub-menu landing pages. And a few of the pages need some more robust and polished writing as they are more static content. The blog posts, which appear on the front page in image tile and excerpt form, is where most of the sites content for the Enterprise project content will happen.

On that front, I did some more reading and noodling around on some of the lighting and build aspects of the model and posted about it.

Longer term, I do want to eventually pull some of my graphic design files from my archives and put together a design portfolio. Not that I looking for work (touch wood). But more as a showcase of things I have some pride in having worked on professionally.

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