Vangelis Inspires

Just working on testing out some printed up acetates and clear laser print labels with some new Model Masters acrylic paints I picked up today from The Hobby Smith, while enjoying the great new album Rosetta by Vangelis.


Spiral (1977)


China (1979)

As you may know, Vangelis is the Academy-Award winning musician and composer who scored such great soundtracks as Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, among others as well as some of the more iconic and memorable pieces used in Carl Sagan’s seminal program, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. His “Heaven and Hell” piece from the album of the same name was basically the “theme” music for Cosmos.

His great work in the 70s and into the early 80s, such as Spiral and China were highly influential, and truly masterworks in my opinion. His music has always had an evocative, ethereal feel to them and his soundscapes have readily lent themselves to themes of space, science-fiction and nature.


The new album Rosetta by Vangelis
released on September 23, 2016.

His newest album, his first in years, is dedicated to the Rosetta space probe mission, launched in 2004 and was the result of a 2014 video call made between ESA astronaut André Kuipers and Vangelis, during Kuipers’ mission on board the International Space Station. After their conversation, Vangelis was inspired to write an album dedicated to the first mission. In November 2014 three videos with three compositions were released on the ESA official YouTube channel in celebration of the first ever attempted soft landing on a comet by the mission: “Arrival”, “Philae’s Journey”, and “Rosetta’s Waltz”. This became the backbone of the album.

It is one of several works by Vangelis which were inspired by space travel (Albedo 0.39), or produced in collaboration with space missions (Mythodea). It is really a return to form in my view and I love it.

What better music to geek out with while working on my Enterprise project?



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