Still Working on the Site Format

Well, evening two after setting up this site yesterday. I spent most of the evening working on finding a design theme and format that works for what I want. I’m getting there as I slowly start to become familiar with how WordPress handles things.

It is also a challenge in that I am still not 100% sure how I want theist to be structured. It was originally intended tone a vehicle to showcase and blog about the progress on my Enterprise model project. But given the amount of time and effort that will take, I soon realized that it can and should be a platform to house other projects I have worked on in the past as well as concurrent with the Enterprise project. I now envision this will evolve into my online design portfolio as well.

I intend to keep my random musings and none design or project related things on my Facebook account, or if it pertains to politics and current events, either at my usual online haunts as well as in conjunction with my CorporisPublica wiki project. Which is in and of itself an evergreen project.

I intend to set up a YouTube account specific for this site to be used as an adjunct for it. As I intend to video blog some parts of my Enterprise project as I get into it more. But that is a little “cart before the horse” as the cliché goes.

There are plenty of nooks and crannies on this site, that are either holes waiting to be filled. Or temporary placeholder content which I intended to expand and flesh out in the coming weeks. So in the interim, if a reader comes across some pages with “Lorem ipsum” text,or a less than robust entry, that would likely be an example of the aforementioned nooks or crannies to be worked on and filled in down the road.

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