Paul Olsen – Project Enterprise

movie Just finished reading Paul Olsen’s eBook Creating the Enterprise which is an interesting read, though far more biography than anything else. It uses that as a larger framing story and run-up to how Mr. Olsen came to work at Magicam, Douglas Trumbull’s effects studio (who built the and filmed the Enterprise, and most of the other spaceship effects shots for the movie) as well as working on the V’ger cloud effects.

It goes into a fair amount of detail about how the ship was painted, though as any obsessed modeler is want regarding wanting to create a hyper-accurate reproduction, more and much better photographs on the companion website (unlocked if you purchase the book) would have been welcome.

This was, and still is, an valuable resource giving a lot of back story about the building of the model, and the crucial and iconic pearlescent paint job Mr. Olsen was hired to put onto the model.

It was part of a premium package when I made a donation to the Project Enterprise (Indiegogo Campaign) website. The goal of that project is to raise enough money from Star Trek fans to finance the recreation of the original studio model, which was bought at auction and is in private hands and likely to not ever be seen in public again.

This reproduction will be built by the same team who built the original filming model (Richard Taylor, Jim Dow and as many Magicam people still around) and painted again by Paul Olsen. Only in a larger size (12′ instead of 8′) which they wanted to do back then but were constrained by time, budget, and the materials available back in 1978.

If that sort of Trekker crowd-sourcing goal appeals to you, consider kicking in yourself.

p75-fullAnyway, the book was fascinating, and while I read the eBook on my lunch breaks, part of the premium package I went with also included an personalized signed printed copy of the book as well. That went along with the certificate of being a charter member of Project Enterprise, the 5″ and 11″ embroidered patches, some signed photos, as well as my name being included in credits in the documentary that will be filmed if/when they raise the target money to move to phase 3 of the project (and start building it).

As well as my name being etched on the “Golden Scroll” that will be placed inside the Enterprise as it is built. In addition my name will be part of those who donated past a certain level displayed with the model when it is shown in exhibits and conventions around the world. That display exhibition is going to have a large motion image wall backdrop, and the model on a motion control rig that will allow it to move in-sync with the space backdrop wall behind it, etc.

Because of the donation level I made, my name will be “fired” on by the model’s phaser lighting effect when it shows up in the repeating video scroll of chapter members. Kind of fun (though silly) but not why I donated.

I just want the Enterprise, in it’s original movie beautiful state to be available for fans around the world to see and share. Not sequestered in some nameless wealthy guy’s home or office somewhere, never to be seen by the legion of Star Trek fans that made it worth something to purchase from Christie’s in the first place.

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