Another Small Step Forward

Well after some sweat equity this evening (and early morning) I managed to assemble the first workbee with the new vinyl wraps on the roof with the fiber optic filament threaded through it.


Improved vinyl wrap panel fit,
and successful fiber optic filament threading.

There is a little bit of warping and the midline base piece of not flat. Not sure if this is because of the punching of the hole in the roof for the fiber optic filament causing the rear face and/or the windshield face to distort, or just my glueing the aft section off axis. I suspect it is more likely the latter, mainly caused by the cockpit sub-assembly not fitting correctly. But the upshot is upper hull itself is slightly distorted.

But more frustrating is that I tore the port side windshield b column vinyl piece when I was lifting it off the transparency carrier. So a super annoying little piece of the windshield face B column is popping up at the front roof edge where the windshield curves down.


That said, this evenings test assembly is not terrible looking even though I can see some problem areas I need to still address. In addition the glueing of the aft area is still not working as well as I hope or need it too.


Cockpit and seat back subassembly.

I had a cockpit and back of the pilot’s seat sub-assembly I had drawn up and installed. While the sizing of it is correct, attaching it to the mid-waist base piece made it sit too high within the cabin area of the upper-hull shell piece. So it is sitting way too far back in the aft section and the seat is actually folded forward in order to allow the roof to be down to meet the side panels, instead of angling back as was intended.

This may be the root cause in the bad aft section glueing/alignment and what was also causing the warping of the upper hull.

I will re-work that artwork and have it be a part of the lower-hull piece so it sits lower within the cabin. That should also allow me to make the mid-line base piece cleaner and easier to install.

But still some progress.

Anyway, enough for this evening.

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