Starting Back (or Front) In

After taking a long hiatus from working on my Enterprise project materials since April, I have dug out from all the accumulated stuff on my home-office desk and workspace. I began roughing out that last of the human form factor illustrations, which will consist of a re-worked front view.


Starfleet Uniform illustration by Aridas Sofia

1985 Starfleet Uniform illustration by
Aridas Sofia, taken from the Federation Reference Series: Volume 6, Page 11.

I had one based off a digitized version Starfleet uniform illustrations done by Aridas Sofia in one of the old fan-made Star Trek Federation Reference Series technical manuals done back in 1985.

But since then I worked up some side-view illustrations (both standing and sitting) which are correctly proportioned on the average human dimensions. This being based on the work of Henry Dreyfuss. Or to be more precise, The Measure of Man and Woman: Human Factors in Design, by Alvin R. Tilley, Henry Dreyfuss Associates, first published in 1993.

Those “articulated” illustrations vastly improved not just accuracy, but also allows me to make basic “poses” and–in my opinion–upped the aesthetic aspect of the illustrations.

So now I want to go back and do the same for the front view of a Starfleet officer to use for the deck plans, etc. which in turn will be the hyper-accurate base materials with which to make what I hope to be definitive “blueprints” as well as a 3D computer model, and acurizing components (as needed) for the 1:350 scale physical models.

federation-vitruvian-man-(front) work-in-progress

Front view detail of the start of my Starfleet “Vitruvian Man” illustration.

The other “big thing” I want to do (hopefully this weekend) is finally unpack the original blueprints drawings I won at auction earlier this year.

Call me weird, but the week I won them is when I sort of took a break from the project, and once they arrived from The Prop Store I was hesitant to unpack them until I was in place where I could carefully photograph, then digitize them all.

These are the original movie “blueprint” of production drawings produced by Robert Abel & Associates, for Magicam to work from to build the original U.S.S. Enterprise filming model for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP) as well as some of the sets piece from both it, and from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (ST:TWK) that the live-action sets where constructed from.

From the production of ST:TMP these consist of:

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Undercarriage View Blueprint

USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Backwards Bow and Stern Blueprint

Officer’s Lounge Blueprint (plan)

Officer’s Lounge Blueprint (elevations)

Interior and Exterior Front Section Travel Pod set

From the production of ST:TWK these consist of:

Interior Torpedo Room set (1st floor)

Interior Torpedo Room set (2nd floor)

I hope to take very high-resolution photos of these, post those, as well as convert them into cleaned up illustrator files (and hence PDFs) and eventually make these available online for other fans to have access to.

While these cost a pretty penny, I want to make the available digitally for fellow Trekkers, movie aficionados and modeling geeks.

Anyway, just a long-overdue update on the project and hopefully more to come in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Starting Back (or Front) In

  1. I discovered your site shortly after you started your sabbatical and was becoming worried about your return. I love this project and especially how you are going about it. I especially enjoyed your multi-part interview with Richard Taylor!

    I won some auctions for some scf-fi set blueprints a few years ago and I found I couldn’t get good results from photos for converting them to digital. I ended up going to a construction supply place in town where they had a blueprint scanner. They didn’t charge too much and the images came out great.

    I look forward to your admiring progress to come.



    • Thank you for your comment and interest in my rabbit-hole of Treknology nerd. Your suggesting about a service that does blueprint scanning is a good one. I will see how the place that specialize in digital conversion of artist paints, etc. works out.


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