You have been ID’ed

Last night I had a breakthrough on some of the detailing for the workbee. While doing some online searching at some model hobby shop websites which have some decent background information on model kits, some including photos of the kits sprue tree. One of the sites had a section on “sci-fi” kits section. Curious as to what they had on them clicked on it and it had lumped in model kits of actual space hardware, such as the NASA rockets listed on that page.

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Interior view of the 3D model of the workbee's port underside window. The windows translucency is simulated.

Screw the Window Frames

I finally completed modeling the mounting hardware for the underside windows on the workbee. It actually entailed rebuilding the inside “window” edge of the components. This was due to not leaving the inside face of the window opening vertical. Instead I had it at the 41.5º angle which is the average outside slope of the underside angled hull in the area of the window location.

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Underside Windows

This past week I spent working out the precise design and shape of the underside windows of the workbee. While at first blush, this would seem to be a fairly straight-forward task, working it out as if it were a “real” vehicle that would need to operate in the vacuum of space made it pretty challenging.

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Workbee traveling overhead the U.S.S. Enterprise while she is in dry dock.

Greebles Down-Below

Over the past week, I have been working on modeling the underside “greebles” of the workbee. Thanks to some reference images I got awhile back, I was able to make some more headway. I pretty much have all the detailing on the underside completed but will need to make final positioning of the lower windows and the package monitor/control panel points (panels) which are on the lower sidewalls.

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Picking Up the Pieces

It has been quite some time since I have done any work on the various Enterprise related projects. “Real life” as it is injected itself some time ago. Beginning with quite a few life changes, and taking a break from Star Trek-related stuff, and doing some work on a different “geek”interest I have had since my teens. That being a fantasy-RPG game system and world named Hârn. I began making an electronic wiki-based version of all the voluminous material I had accumulated over the decades.

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