Picking Up the Pieces

It has been quite some time since I have done any work on the various Enterprise related projects. “Real life” as it is injected itself some time ago. Beginning with quite a few life changes, and taking a break from Star Trek-related stuff, and doing some work on a different “geek”interest I have had since my teens. That being a fantasy-RPG game system and world named Hârn. I began making an electronic wiki-based version of all the voluminous material I had accumulated over the decades.

That said, I happened across some interesting YouTube videos on scale modeling, along with an email a few days back from someone who had been following this blog, writing to see if I was ever going to pick up this project again, it has got me motivated to get back to it. That combined with my purchase of a resin 3D printer while back, has got me interested in this whole thing again.

So here I am picking up the pieces as it were, and seeing where I left off. I am going through my old 3D modeling files of the workbee, and also going back over the high-resolution images of the production blueprints I picked up several years ago at auction, several of which I have not yet posted online. I also need tofinsih some of the digital recreation of them as well.

I am not sure which direction I will go back to first, the workbee modeling, the blueprint stuff, or the Enterprise modeling (3D and physical model). But hope to being generating new content on one or more of those threads in the coming weeks.

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