Love on a Real Train

While I get back to sorting out my old digital files for my Enterprise project(s) I ran across something I did earlier this year. While not Star Trek related, it was a music video I put together as the COVID-19 pandemic began to rage here in the U.S.

Love on a real train music video.

It’s a fan video of the Tangerine Dream track that was composed and used in the 80s film “Risky Business”. I took the version of the track that was actually used in the film soundtrack, as opposed to the versions released for the soundtrack album.

I blended the track to extend it in length from a “clean” snipped of audio form the film itself. Then took some high-resolution nighttime video of the Chicago “L” train. This thematically match the opening credits of the film, as well as the iconic scene when Joel Goodson (played by Tom Cruise) and Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) make love on nighttime journey on the Chicago “L”.

I matched the font (Futura Light) and color of the type which was for the music credits to that of the opening credits of the film as well. Again paying homage to the style of the film.


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