Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds at the EMP

This past weekend, my better half and I made a weekend getaway to Seattle and went to the Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds, 50th Anniversary exhibition at the Sci-fi Museum which is part of the Experience Music Project Museum (EMP).

dsc06688Needless to say, I was in nerd heaven seeing many of the original props, set-prices and costumes from the original series, as well as a good selection of stuff for the other incarnations of Star Trek over the years.

While some of the props were from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, not too much was directly applicable to my current Enterprise model project. But even still it was still 100% worth the trip alone (to say nothing of the rest of the trip which was wonderful).

Seeing a lot of other iconic science fiction film props and costumes in the rest of the Sci-Fi Museum was also a real thrill. From Blade Runner props, to Dune, to Star Wars, I took a plethora of photos, and hope to post some of the better ones in the coming weeks.

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