“Dual” Dual-Action

I began to finally make the leap from a single-action to dual-action airbrushing and I recently purchased two new dual-action airbrushes.



Iwata Eclipse HC-CS airbrush.

As luck would have it, both arrived this afternoon. One, the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrush, is from an eBay seller in California, the other is the Olympos Micron airbrush from Frank Artale  in New Jersey.

I anticipate using the Iwata for when I need to lay down larger areas. This view is based on advice from Frank. He indicated that the Eclipse is more accommodating to pigment sizes and types, and can lay down a wider and more even spray than the Micron, which I suspect I will be my goto brush for fine detail airbrushing.

I have not yet had a chance to try them out, and will be awhile before I probably do so.


Olympos Micron airbrush.

I am still waiting on the airbrush stand, also purchased from eBay, along with the 1/2 HP Pro Silent Air Compressor with integrated 2 liter tank purchased from Golden Depot to arrive.

Once the new compressor arrives, along with the quick release air hose couplers, I will likely start doing some test shooting of paint with them on some paper and maybe some scrap styrene.

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