Lounging On My Side

This afternoon I did some clean-up work in Photoshop (mainly straightening out the image and doing some minor color adjustments to color balance it to its actual colors) on the companion blueprint of elevation views of Officer’s Lounge set/model on the Enterprise for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (ST:TMP).


Orignal blueprint elevations of the Officer's Lounge of the Enterprise, for ST:TMP.

Orignal blueprint elevation drawings of the Officer’s Lounge of the Enterprise.
(Third Wave Design)

These are from an initial set of photos which I took yesterday. They are of fair quality, though as I indicated I may go back again to do a more controlled photoshoot with better balance lighting, some actual color targets, etc. for archival purposes.

Like the previous plan view of the Officer’s Lounge, this blueprint was originally drawn by Leslie Ekker on May 7, 1979 under the art direction of Harold Michaelson.

As with most of the aspects of this entire project, my longer term goal is to eventually make these available through this website for other Trek geeks, modelers and film fans to access as a Star Trek historical archive.

Not just these pieces, but also the bulk the end work product of all these materials I am collecting, as well as my original works based off of and derivative to it.

Hopefully this coming week, I will be finishing up my front-view of my articulated Starfleet “Vitruvian Man” illustration, as well as starting the digital conversion/illustration of the Officer’s Lounge blueprints.

Then either back to working on the warp engine nacelles, or if the lead on some photos of the original workbee filming miniature pan out, back to and finishing up the workbee schematics.

I am looking to have a set of the completed human form-factor illustrations to work with and be incorporated into any of those, particularly this lounger area, and of course the seating configuration schematics for the workbee.

It can sometimes seem scattershot, but I would rather work and focus on what is currently “fresh” and then go back topers that hit a roadblock, or need a fresh look. After all this is a hobby (though I suppose it could be argued a compulsion) so it is not something that needs to be highly-regimented per se.

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