Wraps and Fiber Optics

Tonight I had some success building the upper half of a workbee, this time running three of the fiber optic filaments, and then attaching the newest set of yellow printed PVC vinyl tape panels.


dsc07172I used some scotch tape attached to eh work mat, sticky-side up then put the aft face onto the tape to hold it in place, then pushed the folded side panels down and lining them up with the edge seams. Then used Lazerbond UV cured clear plastic “adhesive” to make the sides wield together. This great aided getting a decent alignment, with very little warping or distortion.

This is definitely the way to go in glueing the folded upper-piece together. This allowed me to keep the aft compartment clear of the Lazerbond enough that I could clue it together, then thread through the top then side running light fiber optic filaments, then use some more Lazerbond to set those in place.

dsc07169Having those fiber optic filaments set in place was actually an unexpected aid in helping me better place and attach the sliced PVC panels because I could use the filaments as handle/stems. I know some of you know this trick when painting small figures, etc. To use some small putty or dab of glue to attach the piece to a toothpick, wire, etc. and use that as a handle/stand to paint the figure.

The same basic idea was at play here with the attached filaments. This made placing the PVC pieces not only easier, but a lot cleaner. I am happy with the result, and with a few more attempts I should be able to improve it a little more.

dsc07165The number if test clear transparency cut and fold pieces I have done so far (about 20 or so in various stages of development) have made me pretty good at knocking them out without too much fuss now. Each time it gets a little better and more precise as well.

Tomorrow night I hope to build one or two of these, then see if the new “spine” piece (which is insanely thin and small, is “build-able” as currently printed up. I have some misgivings, and may simply a part I will end up building out of layering 2 or 3 of the printed up pieces and cutting it out after they are sandwiched together (sort of a micro-acetate version of plywood layers).

But we shall see.

dsc07163Then onto the simpler lower half, which I have decided will carry the three main headlight fiber optic filaments instead of trying to cram all six into the upper half.

I will also finally need to break down and purchase the L’Arsenal 1/350 naval figures, and use the sitting figure as the pilot. The rest I will of course use as crew members in the hanger bay area, officer’s lounge and the arboretum/botanical garden.

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