Well, I was waylaid back on December 21, when I had a cascading failure of the solid-state “fusion driveand the logic board on my home iMac. This has prevented me from doing any substantive work on any of my workbee/Enterprise 3D modeling (and printing) this past 10 days.


At first Apple didn’t know what the problem was and could not isolate the issue. They thought it was initially the drive. So they replaced that. But that didn’t work. So they replaced the motherboard but apparently the replacement Apple shipped was bad. Then they got the good motherboard and finally got it repaired late last night (30 mins. before the store closed).

Luckily I had/have Time Machine doing automatic backups, so I was able to do a full restore of all my apps and files (which took about 4 hours). And it seems I didn’t lose any data, just time and some teeth enamel from grinding them away in frustration.

Even more fortunate, I did buy AppleCare when I got the machine back in December of 2014. That saved me shelling out $1,200+ in repairs.

Anyway, I hope to get back into it in the next day or two and resume working on the modeling of the spine assembly and the side panel equipment details of the workbee.

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