A Side of Blues

I finally finished the new illustration of my side-view articulated Starfleet “Vitruvian Man” I blogged about the other day. This will allow me to pose him in positions ranging from climbing steps, to being seated in the officer lounge, to flying a workbee.



Completed side-view of my starfleet
“Vitruvian Man” illustration.
(click to enlarge)

I illustrated him wearing the Class B – Type One uniforms, in the “starfleet blues” variation. This uniform was seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I will likely do additional uniform variations down-the-road. Particularly an engineering uniform like the one’s that Scotty and the other engineering crew wore. As well as some of the utility class B duty uniforms for people in the cargo deck illustrations.

I’m quite pleased how it looks, and later this week, I will likely start in on re-doing my front-view “vitruvian man”. to match this one. Or I may skip that for a few weeks and start back in on my cross-section illustrations.

I am still undecided.

Part of me wants to get back to the nacelle work-ups, particularly since some of the people I am collaborating with on helping them model their Federation-class dreadnought could be helped by my making more progress on that.


One of Darren Dochterman’s
Enterprise CG model renders.
(click to enlarge)

However, I still am hoping to talk to Jim Dow, and others who worked on fabricating the Enterprise model before I invest too much more in the nacelle illustrations. My thinking is that I want to avoid possibly having to scrap some of that work if it turns out I need to adjust some of my assumptions about specific sub-component dimensions and shapes, should I end up getting more accurate information from said conversation(s).

I also want to gather my thoughts about the CG modeling done to date by others, particularly Tobias Richter and Darren Dochterman, both of whom Richard Taylor name-checked in my conversation with him.

I have reached out to both of them, and so far they seem open to fielding questions I have about their experiences modeling the Enterprise. But I want to get a better roadmap in my head about the questions I want to toss their way, so as to not waste their time with meandering questions, or forgetting to ask important ones because I am not clear in my head what I hope to get answered.

Anyway, steady progress as I slowly move forward.

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