Playing Koi

Did some more work on the Officer’s Lounge re-drawing this evening and last. I have pretty much completed the details of the starboard-side planter area. This is a reinterpretation of the way the plants, the soil and even the 23rd century koi fish (yes there are fish in the original blueprint drawing) as well as other decorative garden area elements are drawn.



Fish in the original drawing of the
Officer’s Lounge water feature.
(Third Wave Design)

My re-working of them in Adobe Illustrator, basically follows shape of the plants and rocks that are in the original drawing by Leslie Ekker May 7, 1979.

But given the lack of clarity inherent in the rough “sketch” aspect of it, I went ahead and re-drew those elements in a much cleaner fashion and tried to follow the “spirit” of the plants, and rocks.

Likewise, I used a combination of blended architectural drawing patterns for various soil types, based on the United States Geological Survey (USGS) symbology to create the soil fills. These multiple fill patterns have varying levels of opacity and scaled to various sizes to create a rich, dense pattern.


Completed draft re-worked illustration
of the starboard planter area
and water feature. Click to enlarge.
(Third Wave Design)

For the water pattern or “fill” I used a series of stepped and fading “ripples” to indicate the water. This again is a stylistic interpretation of the sketched elements that were drawn freehand in the original blueprints. I will hopefully get the other side done (which is simply rocks and plants) tomorrow.

I heard back from Pearl Printing, the studio that is professionally digitizing the original drawings. They said they should have them Monday.

So once I have those, I will be dropping in the archival quality image of the Officer’s Lounge drawing. Then if needed, correcting my re-drawing to account for any difference in the new images which should have all the optical distortion removed (compared to my photography of the drawings I initially did myself). Once I do that I should be close to having the plan view (as as designed) completed.

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